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3 Ravenwing Bikers, der kan bygges som enten et Command Squad eller som Black Knights


This package can be used to make either a Ravenwing Command Squad or Ravenwing Black Knights. These Command Squad are wealthy in the iconography of the Dark Angels, with winged motifs adorning the bikes, and extending from the back of them, whilst the bikes themselves feature fat exhausts, grills and chunky tires. Most remarkable about the unit is the fantastically embossed, amazingly distinct banner, which would make a resplendent centrepiece for the unit. Included inside the package are corvus hammers, a teleport homer, plasma talons, and choices of an Apothecary and Champion.

This package consists of 122 components, a Space Marines Transfer Sheet and three bike bases with which to make a Ravenwing Command Squad or Ravenwing Black Knights.



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