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1 Canoptek Spyder


Unlike their Necron masters, Canoptek Spyders never sleep, however while away the aeons servicing the constructions of their Tomb World. Though the Canoptek Spyder is actually an automatic drone, it is nonetheless a ambitious foe when the scenario demands. Any enemy foolish enough to stray inside range of the Canoptek Spyder will have flesh scoured from bone by an array of mechanical equipment and pincers. If a triad of Canoptek Spyders function together, one takes general command, harnessing the processing potential of the others to create a supermind much better than the sum of its parts. This hyper-efficiency is handed on to all Canoptek Wraiths and Canoptek Scarabs in the immediate vicinity, permitting a co-ordinated and specific response to any danger - and ensuring the security of their sleeping masters. 



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